The Girl with a Golden Heart

Today as I prepare to write this post, my mind goes back to school days when we were asked to write essays. One of the topics which I’m sure each one of us would have written would be ‘My best friend’. I was wondering how simplistically we used to write the same. It used to go something like this, my best friend’s name is blah blah…..he/ she stays blah blah blah….we play together every blah blah blah…

Today when I sit down and am trying to scribble something on a very good friend of mine, I wonder how should I go about the same? Let me keep it simple (I guess that’s my best shot at describing this person). Off-late I’m sure you must have heard of ‘The girl with the dragon tattoo’. I have not read the same but know for sure that in India it is surrounded with controversy. I hope when I write this post on, ‘The girl with a golden heart’ it doesn’t end up in a controversy!!!

So why do I mention the “golden heart”? Readers may be wondering. (Not that I come from Kerala and have an obsession for Gold) Gold as you all would be aware has been fluctuating as a commodity in the bullion market but in case of the protagonist of this post it is the “emotions” in her heart that fluctuate like tidal waves…You never know when a tsunami is on its way!…A lot of this nature of hers can be attributed to her philosophy in life – ‘Living life by its moments’.

Over the two year period that we have known each other, there have been a number of ups and downs, with instances of lasting impact. In terms of personality, on many of the dimensions we may be poles apart, but I guess that has been the key to our good friendship. It is not the similarities that matter but how you can work through your differences that hold the key.

Having said this, I got to say that she has demonstrated extreme patience to my rigidities and idiosyncrasies. Talking of her qualities, she hosts a bit of MF Husain and Shakespeare inside her. She’s a CFL by nature (caring friendly lovable is what she defines it to be…but for me she’s a tube light although a smart one.) Friends and Family are the 2 important ‘F’s’ in her life, with willingness to go to the extremes to keep them happy, sometimes even at the cost of her own happiness.

With a habit of thinking a lot (often of things that are not in her control), it predisposes her to the risk of arthritis!!! With an ability to achieve the pinnacle of whatever she undertakes to do, she however requires a small bit of push to start, which forces me to sometimes think that she underestimates her own potential.

As I reach the end of this post, I have still not disclosed her name….something I should have done right at the beginning when I was in school. Introducing…oh wait a sec… Which name should I introduce her with?…she’s got so many names….. Well as I promised to keep it simple….I’ll stick to the name given to her by her parents. Ladies & Gentlemen (sounds dramatic) introducing the one of her kind – Garima Singh! Hails from the city of Nawabs, Born, brought up & completed a major part of her education from Lucknow. Now a Financial Analyst with a leading Pharma MNC in Hyderabad. I wish you all the success in your life and hope your smile just keeps getting broader & broader.

As for our friendship, I wish it to be like a wine – the quality of which only improves with age. So Kumar… no…fatty, motu, toad, kekda, nakalchi bandar, ullu, porcupine (I’m sure I’m missing a lot more) signing off….


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