An Afternoon with the kids @ Gyantara Academy

March 3rd 2012, Leo Club of Lokhandwala Township conducted a drawing competition for the kids of Std 3rd & 4th (70 kids) at Gyantara school. This was part of the annual project that we carry out every year. The school has classes form Std 1 to Std 5. Started by the local Corporator, the school was started with the objective of catering to the educational needs of the local children from the slum area (Hanuman nagar, Kandivali-E).

The topic for the competition was Holi/Circus/Favorite sports. Needless to say the kids were talented given the fact that they totally lack the training that some of the other privileged children of the similar age get in good schools. Providing training for drawing is not financially feasible option for the administrators, as they focus on providing the basic elementary education to the students. The kids do not come from a financially strong background either for them to take external coaching for drawing or for that matter any other extracurricular activities.

What this essentially means is that the kid with good enough talent somewhere loses his talent for want of good training/guidance. Also many are not aware of their talent as they do not get exposure to activities which allow them showcase the same. This is not something new – a situation wide spread across rural and in some cases urban India.

Coming back to the drawing competition, majority of the students chose Holi as their topic with only handful selecting Favorite sports or Circus for that matter.3 winners were chosen each from Std 4th & 3rd – (Click here to view the pics).Consolation prizes was given to all the participants to keep them motivated. Post the drawing competition, we decided to interact with the kids of Std 5. There were only 12 kids and they were all excited to meet us. They were preparing for their upcoming annual day function and wanted to show us some of their moves which they were practicing. We were all game for it. To say the least we were spellbound by their performance and mid you they don’t have any dance teacher to teach them the moves. All that they have is the recorded song/video. “Hum dekhkar sekhte hai” is what a few of them replied when asked who taught u these steps?

Hearing this I felt, ‘kash’ there was someone who could guide them. But one of the kid out there, had a different wish list. A poem he had written himself. I feel this will be the apt way to end my post.

Kash hum bache ban jaye, Bheed se dur apni ek alag duniya banaye,
Sari zindagi bas yuhi kut jaye, kash yeh saare sapne sach ho jaye,
bas dost saath rahe aur chutiya manaye, Barish mein bhige aur zor zor se gaana gaye, duniya ko bhul jaye aur fir wapas na aaye,
Hafte mein teen din ho aur fir sunday ha jaye, sote rahe din bhar aur shaam ko ghumne jae,
hum bikul na pade aur pass ho jaye, kabhi kabhar dil chahta hai kuch aisa ho jaye,
paper ho par result na aye, tution ho par teacher na aye,
Bus mein baithe par school na jaye, kash yeh saare sapne sach ho jaye…
Shivam Rai
Gyantara Academy 
Std: 5th


3 thoughts on “An Afternoon with the kids @ Gyantara Academy

  1. Its true that majority of the kids do not get all the facilities they deserve…..but is there a solution to it….?

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