Cycling my way to Kanheri caves in SGNP

The place was Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) Borivali E., a place previous to this day I had visited only twice in my life span of 29 yrs so far. The last being a decade ago with my college friends. Don’t know whether it’s gud or bad but I do remember my previous two visits vividly.

Until today I loathed this place! Always thinking why the hell people go there…theres nothing to see…such a bore place… As I reached the place in the morning 7.00 am on Sunday, 15th April, 2012, for a moment I was taken back by the swarm of people standing outside waiting to get in. I wondered what did people like so much in the place that I had loathed..

In search of my answer, I picked up a cycle after a long time and started my ride towards kanheri caves located around 6 kms from ground zero. As I began the ride I saw a the new breed of mumbaikar’s the so called ‘Health conscious’ people! As I kept riding along the woods a thought passed my mind, ‘Rohit, wat was stopping you from doing these activities for 29 yrs of ur life??’..and my answer to this was the more cliched Better late than never!

Passing by I also saw many lookalikes to me….Monkeys!..they were however busy with their chores of grooming each other, mothers busy feeding their young ones and some just watching their relatives (humans) pass by..

The signboard showed 1km to go…the ride only got difficult from here…reason 1 being my cycle seat (still feeling the pain!) and reason 2 being the steep slope. With 300 mts to go my legs gave way..forcing me to get down and push my cycle towards the destination….

Reached kanheri caves and explored the place with my office colleagues Vinay and Micky…climbing up to the topmost point reminded me of Sylvester in Rocky IV, climbing up shouting the name of Ivan Drago!..the caves however offers a perfect place to relax and more than anything respite from the scorching heat..

Finally it was time to descend..this was undoubtedly the best part of the ride, coming downhill with the breeze whispering something in your ears as if asking not to leave the place… and spend some more time…I shall come back again without doubt… I said to myself and to that someone who was whispering into my ears!

The 3 hrs that I spent in SGNP was tiring but also amazing…cant believe this but I’m actually contemplating buying a bicycle! The trip has changed my perspective towards SGNP…A nice place for a walk, jog & cycling with the caves offering some peace and sanctity in the otherwise busy and noisy life of Mumbai..

Till next time kumar signs off..bye….


One thought on “Cycling my way to Kanheri caves in SGNP

  1. So buy that bicycle! There are hundreds of recreational cyclists in Bombay, so get a bike and join a group in your locality. I’m from Andheri and I ride with friends every weekend — sometimes as much as 50 km. In fact, there’s a trip to kanheri caves (SGNP) planned for May 13. We expect some 30 riders to turn up, mostly from the western suburbs.

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