Mind your celebration… Marketing police has an eye on you!

There have been a lot of news about moral policing doing the rounds in the news…I’m however not going to address on the moral policing part..This post is going to look into a different type of policing – Marketing policing!

Come international sporting events and we often hear of incidence of ambush marketing. Now for people who do not come from a marketing background I’ll explain it in a simple lay man term.. Its akin to you going for a marriage for which you are not invited..where u njoy attention & above all the delicious food on offering..not to forget the desserts…So one may argue why the hell is that a problem..itne saare loogon mein kya pharak padta hai agar maine thoda sa kha liya??? Well that is not the case when millions of dollars are pledged by brands to get exclusivity.

The very recent example of ambush marketing comes from the Euro 2012 Championship. The culprit in this case was Nicholas Bendtner, the striker from Denmark..His crime…lowering his pants in celebration which in turn revealed the logo of an Irish betting company..Result – Possible sanction from UEFA. Although this post is not to judge whether Bendtner was paid to do that or not..Bendtner in his defense said that he it was his lucky boxer..Well what he was unaware (I presume) was that the soccer governing body UEFA had laid down a rule that everything worn by players at Euro 2012 will be free of unauthorized ads.

Well the marketing police are strengthening their muscles with rules & regulations. This however does not auger well for the sports men & women whose choices of what they wear & don’t will depend on who the sponsors for the event are…

This according to me is a serious thing that needs to be deliberated upon..


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