Vrooom Vroommmm….

The new commercial from Hero MotoCorp. went on air recently focusing on the one thing that the common man first looks into – Mileage!. The obsession of Indians towards mileage has also been captured by Maruti in its series of commercial Kitna deti hai…

The new commercial from Hero MotoCorp is on similar lines but not explicitly. According to me the ad has been executed in a very simple yet excellent manner. The advertisement (ad) is a good example for developing a connect with the people and striking an emotional chord with the target audience. Shot without any celebrities, the ad features the common man and their aspiration to own and race a bike. The ad has a tinge of humor attached to it which does not make you LOL but brings that smile on your face which is more than enough. Although kids have not been portrayed in the ad (Now-a-days every ad from washing soaps to cars feature them which just goes to show their role in purchasing decision), the words vroom vroom are usually used by kids when they usually sit on the bike and think they are the ones who are riding it. Credit needs to go to Law & Kenneth, the creative agency for this well executed ad.

The ad comes at a time when analyst feel Hero MotoCorp will face a growth (volume) of 8-12% compared to 15.4% in 2011-2012 (http://www.business-standard.com/india/news/hero-motocorp-sweatsgrowth-competition/471009/)

Hope the ad vrooms (accelerates) the sales for Hero.


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