As Things Fall Apart (Part 1)

As I sit back in my room and watch the rains through my window, my thoughts go way down the memory lane. The days when we were kids and very much like other kids used to enjoy the rain. As the school were about to reopen we used to get ourselves ready with our new bags, books, compass and raincoats nonetheless. We were neighbors and of the same age, going to the same school and the same class. Watching the rain reminds me of the carefree days when wearing our raincoats we used to walk hand in hand with our respective mumma’s on either side of us to our school which was a 10 mins walk from our home. Splashing water from the puddle, jumping into them, floating boats into the temporary flow of water created by the downpour..some of the things which seem to have been lost in the years that have passed by.

My uncle used to come to pick us up from school on his bajaj scooter (truely family scooter) and both of us wanted to stand in front. Uncle used to have a tough time with our nataks. So one day he deviced a plan he told us that he will do a toss (uncle was a big cricket fan) and whoever won would decide whether he wanted to sit behind him or stand in the front. Invariably I won most of the toss and always decided to stand. Luck was on my side I guess (never knew what was luck then though) and I took full advantage of the same.

When it  came to studies though we had a lot of similarities. we were both good at remembering and orating stories…something which I continue to do..Years passed by, and we grew up together doing a lot of mischief a proof for the same was the number of complaints our parents received. In most of the case I got to confess I was the master mind & executer. In one of the instance, we locked an old couple when they were in the terrace for their evening stroll. The punishment was severe as we were not allowed to play outdoors for a week!

Months & years passed and we continued to have a lot of fun. I still remember some of them vaguely though. When we reached our secondary section things started changing. We got different sections for the first time and I still remember the difficulty with which we were accepting the same. When I look at it now I would say just different sections what’s the big deal?? This small change from the normal that we experienced was tough to begin with. After so many years, as I look at retrospectively, I would say it was just the start point for things to come.

To be continued…. 


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