As Things Fall Apart (Part 2)

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What will we discuss during the recess? What should we be doing in the evening? How can we beat Raj & Rashmi in Scrabble today? We should be looking into new words..I already have a few words in my mind..wonder what Kh….Joy..JOYYYY…what are you dreaming? comes out a authoritative voice. Oops not again…I have been caught off guard again. This was a regular scene those days when our sections got separated.

That was our English teacher, Meera Fernandez. Grey hairs with a big round bindi on her forehead was characteristic to her. She was pretty active considering her age which would have been well above 50. She used to teach us English and her session was just prior to the short recess break. She used to ask the class to read chapters from the textbook and used to randomly stop and ask someone from the class to continue. With my mind running forward to meet my friend in the other section, Meera mam invariably caught me day dreaming! The recess breaks were eagerly awaited by both of us. I would eagerly await the ringing of the short recess bell and my mind would go completely off my books.

Unlike other teachers Meera Mam had a different way of punishing students who didn’t pay attention in her class. As against teachers who made students stand on bench or kneel outside the classroom, Meera mam used to ask us to do the homework of other students, if we were caught inattentive. As kids we never liked doing our own homework leave alone doing someone else’s homework. Many benefited from absentmindedness or should I say forward mindedness??

Her image is still fresh in my minds. Not because of the punishments I used to receive for not being attentive but I guess she was among the very few who tried to understand me. She was quick to realize there was something wrong and one day she called me in her cabin and asked me the reason why I was not paying attention. I told her the reason, she smiled got up from her reclining seat, brushed her hands against my curly hairs and touched my shoulders…a touch which I would never forget. She didn’t say anything much then but asked me to pay attention or else she would ask me the homework of two pupil…

I just wish that hand was there today when I needed the most…

To be continued……


One thought on “As Things Fall Apart (Part 2)

  1. I m so fascinated by the title of this post…knowing u, I m really curious as to what motivated you to write fiction…that too a senti one.. 🙂 very well written so far…looking forward to reading the complete series of this story… 🙂 hope u keep surprising me every time 🙂

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