As Things Fall Apart (Part 4)

Something with the place I’m sure. Vacations were typical…sleep till you are hungry and then eat untill you feel sleepy. This spell is only broken during our stay in Goa..It was 6 am we were up, eager and ready to go out. We were at my maternal uncles place in Goa where the beaches were attracting us like magnets. We had waited for this day since a long time. Me, Khushi,  JP Mama (Jagjeevan Prasad is too long for addressing someone) and Juno (my mama’s pet dog) would start with their start on our first trip to beach for the day. Juno was a german shepherd 3 yrs old and extremely mischievous. Going to the beach for Juno was like going to candy shops for kids. Khushi although very brave was a bit scared of dogs and with Juno having this habit of jumping on you she was a bit more scared. I used to just love it when khushi tried to shield herself from Juno by hiding behind my back…

Talking about Juno there is something about german shepherds they are always game for new challenges. With Khushi occupied with building her castles, me and Juno used to play with the frisbee, with mama having a close eye on us. Juno just enjoyed fetching the frisbee, he used to take pride in catching it before it fell to ground. Khushi used to be in her own world when it came to building castles and mind you she had great hands. One hour at the beach and mama used to call us to get back home..Afternoons were spent sleeping after having the amazing lunch prepared by mami..It was not only me and khushi who were eager to visit the beach, juno was equally eager for his second visit to the beach. Evenings at the beach were different for me and khushi but for juno it was the same – just running around…In the evenings me and khushi used to just walk watching the pristine sight of the sunset. The canvas that the setting sun placed out in the skies made us just sit and admire natures work…sunset

The evenings were often in stark opposite to that of the mornings. The rising sun and tides coming your way, represented a new start and evenings were marked with setting sun and at the same time the receding waters represented something leaving us but there was hope that the sun will again come out and me and juno will be back on the beach running around and khushi trying her hands in designing a new castle. But fate had something different planned, that evening, the phone rang and we were packing our bags to head back home. As we were packing our bags the receding waters didnt seem to leave my mind..indeed something was leaving us…Was it hope?? Looking at it today it certainly was.

To be continued……

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