As Things Fall Apart (Part 5)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

The journey back home was silent to say the least. Mama was accompanying us back to Mumbai, he refused to tell us anything. There was a sense of nervousness on khushi’ face an otherwise brave girl. Watching her nervous made me further jittery. Thoughts kept running through my minds which I wanted to evade. The entire journey none of spoke. The night passed and early morning we reached Mumbai. The eagerness was growing within us, there were many unanswered questions lingering, why were we called back abruptly? Why did mom not speak to me??

We boarded a cab from outside the station. Thoughts were flying in my mind. We were just 10 mins away from our home and the feeling of anxiety, helplessness & fear growing within me. For a moment I wondered why am I feeling all the negative jibes when it could be possible that there is some surprise in store for us. It was a feeling that was extremely short lived though.

We reached the gates of our building, even as mama was paying the fare to the taxi waala, I rushed to my apartment. Khushi, I suppose was also equally eager. There were’nt many people that had gathered below our apartment which was a breather. We didnt wait for mama , got into the elevator, It was in the elevator that we looked into each other’s eyes, and I could sense the fear of the unknown in her eyes, I suppose she saw the same in my eyes. We didnt speak, we hadn’t since the unexpected call from the previous day. It’s beyond imagination how things change so quickly. From the carefree moments we spent with juno on the beaches in Goa, to the moment of silence and a sense of fear of the unknown surrounding us.

The elevator came to a halt at 3rd floor, Khushi got off. I helped her with her bag, As the doors were closing she stood and turned around no words were exchanged. She never looked so helpless to me untill this point. Was it the door of hope that was closing on me? Why am I so tensed? Why am I so negative in my mind? I was finding it hard to control my anxiety……

To be continued………


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