As Things Fall Apart (Part 6)

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I rang the bell, and the door opened in a flash, It was Mom. She seemed to be very drained, her hairs were set loose, very uncharacteristic of her, eyes were red and swollen, she hugged me, the bag from my hand dropped and I reciprocated her hug by embracing her. I was still unaware what had transcribed in my absence. I was clueless, never had she behaved in such a manner with me. Anxiety kept on growing. She held my shoulders with both her hands, I could sense the tears coming, but I needed to be strong. The quite moment was breached by the noise of the lift reaching our floor, it was JP mama.

Mom greeted him and asked him to sit on the couch in our hall. She began picking up my bag and headed to my room across the hallway. I didn’t know what to say, I followed her into my bedroom. Finally, I gathered strength to ask. “What’s the matter Mom, what is going on?”  She walked passed me asking, “Shall I make tea or coffee for you?” What is wrong with you mom, you know very well I have only coffee in the morning, I replied. Certainly she was trying not to tell me somethinimagesCAQLF7J5g.

I got the feeling she is not going to tell me. I had to find out though. I decided I need to ask Dad about it. I thought he must be still sleeping in the bedroom, my visit to the bedroom was in vain though. He wasn’t there. My anxiousness just went over the bar. I rushed to the kitchen and asked, “Mom, where’s Dad”. By this time JP mama was in the kitchen besides Mom. He looked at me and held my shoulder. It was an airy feeling, I wasn’t able to handle this. I reiterated the questions to Mom, this time my tone was higher. “What is going around here?” Mom where is Dad?, I sought of yelled.

That was it, the moment and the words that still ring a bell in my ears. He has strayed, your dad has strayed..she shouted and sobbed. She didn’t look at me, kept looking down and just sobbed. JP mama tried to calm her down. He knew it. I was shocked. I moved a step back was against the wall, would have fallen if not for the wall behind me. My legs were shaky, I decided to sit down, my hands were over my head, trying to sink in what I had just heard.

My dad had strayed.

To be continued…..


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