Be the master of your dream

This poem tries to describe the fate of a kite and tries to draw a parallel to people who leave the fate of their dreams in the hands of others who fail to notice their dream for the sake of their own dreams.

With aspirations to meet the sky
You made me soar so high
You pulled me left, you pulled me right
And during all this you made me feel and look so nice
With elegance I swayed in the bright blue sky

You picked me up for your battles
As I won them you set me loose to soar higher
I was cruising through the gusting winds
I was close to realizing my dreams
Was about to kiss the clouds
When you pulled me in
To set me up for another of your battle

My dreams were shattered as you lost control of my strings
I watch you as I fall
You are dejected by my loss
But you have another like me help your cause
With me no longer in your thoughts

As I make my fall
I also see so many like you
Eager & waiting for me to be gathered
I am their prize, but my heart cries

Its not long before I begin to realize
You need to be the master of your dream
Find ways and mean to achieve those dreams
Otherwise one ends up like me
With only hopes within that some day I will meet
That someone who will fulfill my dream


7 thoughts on “Be the master of your dream

  1. Appu, What has gone into you lately!!!!!! This one is soo nicely written [?]

    Sorry, Could not read it yesterday…but WOW!!!…. it good [?]

    and yes, Wish u a belated Happy Sankranti…I know its late, but better late than never…

    Take Care, Garima

    On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 3:24 PM, kumar’s view

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