Where are you my love….

I visited the town market
Where our eyes had first met
I was lost in you eyes then
Thoughts of yours is what I’m lost in now
Where are you my love

I visited the bus stand where we first spoke
Watching your full lips up close
Had raised my heartbeats manifolds
Today as I stand alone awaiting you
I find within my heart certain beats amiss
When I fail to notice you
Where are you my love

I went to the lakeside where we first made love
Our lips had met as we were intimate
It was a moment of bliss which I truely miss
You had tears in your eyes
Tears of joy as you had called, which I had wiped with a smile
As I sit in solitude besides the lake
Revisiting those lovely moments from our date
Tears trickle down my face – A face that has forgotten to smile
Where are you my love

I visited the Chapel and met with the priest
I asked him where is she, he had no clue just as me
I then went to the valley close to the chapel
where we had spent most of our times so jolly
I shouted your name, but it was all in vain
Where are you my love

As I go around places looking out for you my love
There is this one place where I will always find you
Within my heart in every beat there is only you!


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