I was cursed when I was born…

I was cursed when I was born
But no one took time to fathom my loss
I was left to be on my own
Just as I came in this world all alone
They called me an outcome of illicit love
When all I wanted was some affection and love
They were the same people who worshipped gods
But they had now left me to the dogs
When I rebelled against the injustice
I was blamed for creating a scene
Something they say I had acquired in my genes
Fate was blammed for my state
I refused to buy that for my mothers sake
I refused to be cowed down, I refused to bow down
I kept my head high, with no one by my side
When I think of my mother, I don’t feel any shame
She was brave to give me a name
I feel sad that she left me amongst the insanes
I wish you were here today
I do not know what you wanted me to be
But I am certainly standing up for the name you gave me

Love you always,


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