I wish…

It has been years now as I return to the place that I once called home

From where I had made a run without letting anyone know

I never wanted to come back to this place, but strange is destiny

It brings me back to the place which is part of my legacy

The reception that I get is not something that I had expected

As I had left most of them dejected

There were many who had gathered to see me

With emotions of varying degrees

First to greet me were my friends

They were part of my life at every bend

Until I had decided to fend on my own

Disregarding all their suggestions & recommendations

I had stated it was over and walked away brazenly

As much as it is heartening to see them now

My heart is filled with guilt for leaving them then

Standing far by the corner

I see her, away from the crowd

Her otherwise beautiful eyes are filled with tears

Tears that I had left her with when I had walked away

I had betrayed her love then

But her love for me is the reason why she is here today

As I enter my house I see all my family

There is no smile on anybody’s face

Strange is our reunion

Filled with sorrow instead of joy

I was and am the reason for their pain

For I had left them one fine day without caring for their fate

I see my mother sitting by the couch

Surrounded by my sister and cousins

The room is filled with grief

My coming back has no relief

I lye by the door helpless and dejected

There is nothing that I can do now

As time has turned its table on me

The place is decorated

There are beautiful flowers

And there is fragrance spread by the incense stick

But little can they do to wipe the sorrow from the air

As my father gets ready to bid me goodbye

Lying on the pyre

Waiting for the final rites

I wish I had a chance to make things right

Very often in our lives we become so selfish and indifferent to the feelings of others that we tend to think ‘my way is the right way’ and disregard every other thing. We get angry with our near and dear ones and often wait for them to make the first move as our ego stands before us making us not to move. This poem tries to capture that essence. Let’s not wait for death to set things right, if you have someone with whom you are estranged, take a moment and give him or her a buzz!


One thought on “I wish…

  1. Very powerful especially in its conclusion. I have a similar situation going on right now in my family and I wonder if it’ll play out in a similar way. On a spiritual level, it doesn’t really matter. It’s only in the material that time and distance separate us.

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