As Things Fall Apart (Part 7)

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That night I could not sleep. As I lay on my bed and watched the fan rotating slowly by the ceiling, thoughts were getting re winded in my mind. How could he betray us? Never had I seen Mom & Dad fight, they always seemed so friendly. I started thinking of the good times we spent together, the days when we used to go out to the nearby candy shop in the evening. My mind went back to the days of celebrations. How he used to bring me crackers during Diwali, even though Mom never liked bursting crackers. We used to go out in the compound to burst crackers with even Khushi being part of the revelry.

He was always there to protect me from the mischief’s I made and the resulting rage of my mother. Never in my 14 years of life had i felt neglected by him so much. What had transcribed that he took such a decision – A decision which impacts me still today. That evening Mom had asked me never to ask her about him and consider him to be dead. Strange was this feeling that I was experiencing – to kill a person in your heart when your mind revolts to keep him alive.

The school was to reopen in a couple of days. How am I supposed to tell Khushi about all this? What will she think of me? Will she continue to be my friend or will she disown me for deeds that are not owned by me? How will I face and tell her about all that has happened? Questions kept lingering in my mind endlessly on a night which uncharacteristically was unending in itself.

To be continued……


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