Jogging by the park…..

The sun is just rising

The sky is covered with a hue

The mist is still heavy

Its another winter morning

As I set out jogging


Jogging, by the park

Was a routine on my part

Listening to the birds chirping

Was music to my ears


My breathing was getting heavier

The cool morning breeze was however a savior

Adrenalin was rushing and my heart was pumping

I approached the turn around the park

It was my last jogging lap

When I saw this girl who had a charm

Had never seen her around before

She was approaching me steadily

Even as I was thinking who is she


Something about her was very mystique

Testimony to this was her perfect physique

The radiance on her face

Was only enhanced by the incoming rays

As she passed close to me

Our shoulders had almost brushed

Raising my adrenalin to an another level

As she went past, a thought lingered by me

Would she be the one who I was searching for so long


As I finished with my jog

I was by the bench to cool my self

Was this a dream that I find her near me

Stretching herself and smiling at me

I had just finished my jog

But my thoughts were stilling running around


Would she say yes, If I asked her out for a date

Or would it be a no, shoving me away as if I were a crow

Would I be flattered or would my dreams be shattered

Fancing my chance, I extend my arm

Hi I’m Kumar, I say with a wry smile

I know you are Kumar, Now get up will you?

I hear my Mom say, as I awaken from my sleep


Well it was a dream but nevertheless sweet

Something my good friend wishes me always

Before I go to sleep



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