Watching the twinkling stars….

Born in the street

I used to watch the stars as I went to sleep

They glittered by the lonely dark sky

They disappeared by the day and were back by the night

Once again shining away in the dark night sky

Some had company while some were alone


Similar was the scene by the street

We went to fend by the dawn

Returning back in the night just to sleep

It was kinda strange every night

As we all returned completely drained

Without an iota of life in our face

Yet I saw the stars every night gleaming with life


I was perplexed what the star had done by the day

To come back shinning and glittering in such a way

When most of us on the street were so drained

I asked a sage the reason for this case

He merely said that they had Gods grace

I was ill fated is what he had said

And thinking about stars was completely waste


Harsh were his words and so was life

Watching the privileged children play by the park

When I spent most of the time selling balloons not to starve

What an irony was life

We both had balloons in our hand but

Smile on their faces and

Desperation on mine

Strugling every day just to survive another day


One night as I sat watching the twinkling stars

I had a company in a passerby

Do you know what the stars do in the morning

I had asked him ever so hesitantly

He smiled and said to me

When its day they go to the other side of the bay

Where there are ones like me

Waiting to see the twinkling stars by the night


I was surprised to hear this

They didn’t sleep and traveled all the way

To the other side of the bay

To bring a smile on someone’s face!

Who like me had only the stars to look up to

They gave me the inspiration to smile in life

To live a life in a way where someone looks up to me


Watching the twinkling stars

In the night sky

Gave me new hopes to live my life






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