Good Bye….

Tonight is the night

I want to remember

For the rest of my life

Come tomorrow

And you shall be gone

For reasons of your own

Which I cannot know


Sometimes I think

Why did we meet

If our separation was destined

Why did you gave me happiness

If you were to take it away so instantaneous

Why did you show me the dream

That shall now, remain only a dream


As we sit hand in hand

Your shoulder resting on mine

My mind goes back to the days

When we were like flowers

Blooming in the garden

Like two bodies, but one soul

Unwary of the world around us


When you are gone

Even though I would want to forget you

There will be a place somewhere in my heart

Waiting to hear from you

Hoping for you to return

Thinking of a life

With just you and me


The night is about to end

And my worst fear begins to transcend

As the day breaks

My hope begins to break

As I walk with you towards the gate

Your hand still entwined in mine

I feel like walking on shards of glasses

Piercing my emotions, piercing my heart


As you start walking away from me

Tears start filling my eyes

My mind becomes numb

As if something had stung

My heart chokes

As I try calling out for you

It’s not very long

Before you vanish from my sight

Leaving me crucified

Even as I prepare to live a life

Without you being by my side


Good Bye my love….


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