A strange feeling…..

Strange is this moment in life

It wants to live more

When it realizes death is coming by


It wants to drain itself in the rain

To extinguish all its flame

It wants to sail the sea

Even though it feared drowning

It wants to sing a song

Even if it makes people frown

It wants to dance like an insane

Without caring to explain


It wants to do those things

Which it had longed for

It wants to break all rules

Which it abided like a saint

It wants to be inebriated

Even though it was a teetotaler

It wants to laugh,

When it hardly smiled

It wants to make a speech

When silence was what it had preached

It wants to show some courage

Even though coward was its surname


It wants to reach out to that friend

With whom it refused to speak

It wants to lie in those arms

Which once waited with open arms

It wants to hold the hand of that someone special

And say you were the one whom I loved


As it prepares to die,

It wishes to live any one moment

It wants to die its way

When it lived all its life

On someone else’s say



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