Strange are the moments in life

Like a tide in the ocean

They rise and they fall

Moments of togetherness

Followed by moments of solitude

Moments of roar

Followed by moans

Moments where the feelings ride high

To moments where they are left dry


One cycle after another

Life brings moments that makes us smile

And life brings moments that make us cry

Moments of glory and moments of agony

Moments of joy and moments of pain

Well packaged indeed


With my beloved by my side

Every moment was just fine

Be it a moment where I experienced joy

Or be it the moment that made me cry

Thy presence was soothing

And I found myself cruising

In the ocean of life


Then came a wind of change

That swept all my faith

The castle I was building

Swept away in the ocean

The hope that I was building

Falling away like a pack of card

As I stood and saw

My beloved going with the wind

In front of me


The storm seems to have engulfed me

My life seemed to move into darkness

My voice seemed to be choked

My eyes refusing to see

My ears refusing to hear

I feel paralyzed


Days and Nights passed by

As I stand by the veranda

The storm may have gone

But my hearts still in a turmoil

As I watch a new morning emerging

Bright & Sunny

Stark opposite to the storm that just went by

I see the birds back from the wilderness

Back chirping and fighting as usual

Singing in their usual tone

Going about their routine

Like nothing had happened


And they make me realize

Life has to go on

With you or without you



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