Little drops of rain….

Little drops of rain

Come falling down on my face

As I watch up to the sky

A sky which till a while back

Was shining bright and blue

Has turned dark, akin to my heart

The air was filling up with a fresh smell

The surrounding had started getting a new color

There is a new sound emerging

There is a new vibrancy surfacing

I feel its a new hope that is unveiling

But there was something in me that was disturbing

As I walk slowly in the rain

I see small children playing in the puddle

Men and women in a hustle bustle

Couples in a cuddle

Birds sorting their feathers which are in a ruffle

And myself in a muddle

As people watch me passing by

Thank god for the rain, I can say,

Little drops of rain falling from my face……


2 thoughts on “Little drops of rain….

  1. ok..very seriously…tell me if something is wrong with you or not….are you all right….you are writing poetry after poetry which, according to me, is very heavy….heavy with emotions..i personally feel that unless I feel something deep within, I cannot write such stuff…

    so tell me what is going on within you….what are you hiding from me….???

    On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 11:52 PM, kumar’s view

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