Sunday Musing..

(Musing inspired by Anjali Nair)

12118591_10153666734208454_7367254322991888328_nIn our work and our homes
In every argument and in debates
In every win and in defeats
In every success and in failures
In our faith and in our beliefs

Be it love or for that matter hatred
Be it a fable or a reality
Be it our action or our thoughts
Even before our birth or for that matter after our death

There exists an other side

The side that is often unknown
Hidden from reality or exposed beyond imagination
The side that one complaints but also aspires for
The side that one loathes to rejoice from
The side that rejoices behind tears
The side that one questions for answers
Answers as right or wrong

Be it a person or any situation
The other side is not just a notion
Could this be a reason for our evolution?
For it certainly holds reasons for our destruction

Beware of the other side
And as I conclude my musing of the day,
Stop thinking about my other side 🙂


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