Every morning when I rise

Watching the blazing sun rise

With a mug of coffee in my hand

Watching the chirping birds in the woods

Listening to the swaying leaves

That seem to be moving with the rhythm of the wind

I take some time to follow my thoughts


As I sip into my coffee

And watch the people into their chores

Some rushing, Some easing, and some indifferent

Similar are the thoughts in my mind

Moving around into different directions

Bringing back memories some good and some ugly


Sitting back on my couch

As I was about to finish my last sip

Few thoughts wriggle out of my mind


A thought that wants to deplore

Deplore the actions from my past

Censure the decisions from my past

Bury the guilt within my heart

Rebuild the relations that I broke

Reopen the chest of emotions

That I long back had closed


A thought that wants to explore

Explore things that I once ignored

A thought of getting lost in the woods

A thought of flying out from the cage

A thought that wants to explore

The me unknown to me……


There was a woman….

There was a woman

By the street

Who was beautiful to say the least

Eyes waiting to catch her sight

And ears longing to hear her tale


She was a damsel

Who belonged to be in the castle

Was eligible to be with a prince

Often wondered how she ended up in the street


She was like a lotus in the swamps

Looked upon by one and all

Each willing to get dirty

Just to be the lucky one

To hold her with their hand


There were many who proposed her

But there were also those like me

Who felt shy to approach her

There were so many reasons to love her

Yet every other woman had a reason to envy her


One fine morning I decided to approach her

I wanted to look her in her eyes

Tides of expectation were rising within me

Fear of drowning in her oceanic blue eyes

Lingered within me

As I searched for ways to anchor my courage

And express the feeling that I was harboring within me


I knocked on her door

Moments passed by without any noise

It was not long before I realized

She had left

Just the previous night


My feelings once again buried within my heart

I wonder how long it shall carry the weight

For I wish, there comes a day

When I get freed from this terrible state


There was a woman

Was she for real..or was she a mere dream

Often I pondered as I looked down the street….

I have a feeling…..

I have a feeling

A feeling so special

It keeps me awake by the night and busy by the day

I find myself complaining yet it’s so amazing

I have a feeling…simply amazing..

I met her few months back

And since

Emotions have been building up in a stack

She’s been in mind day and night

Longing to meet her every time

My heart keeps singing a lovely chime

I have a feeling..simply amazing..

I wait with thousand eyes to get a glimpse of her

As she passes by my house like a bird with lovely fur

Part of her routine chore

And I simply stand and adore

My eyes just follow her for a while,

But my mind, seems to follow her forever

I have a feeling..simply amazing…

Watching her by the park

Seeing her smile

It takes me a while

To come back to life

She looks so genteel

I sometimes get a feeling she’s unreal

Yet I continued with a zeal

I have a feeling…simply amazing…

Unable to turn the page

I feel like a bird in a cage

How should I let her know my case

Will my feeling get washed in the rain

Or will my feelings be in twain

I have a feeling…simply amazing..

I fear missing this feeling

It has ignited a fire within me

That fuels the desire within me

A desire to be with just her

Or to burn out only for her

I have a feeling…simply amazing…

Watching the twinkling stars….

Born in the street

I used to watch the stars as I went to sleep

They glittered by the lonely dark sky

They disappeared by the day and were back by the night

Once again shining away in the dark night sky

Some had company while some were alone


Similar was the scene by the street

We went to fend by the dawn

Returning back in the night just to sleep

It was kinda strange every night

As we all returned completely drained

Without an iota of life in our face

Yet I saw the stars every night gleaming with life


I was perplexed what the star had done by the day

To come back shinning and glittering in such a way

When most of us on the street were so drained

I asked a sage the reason for this case

He merely said that they had Gods grace

I was ill fated is what he had said

And thinking about stars was completely waste


Harsh were his words and so was life

Watching the privileged children play by the park

When I spent most of the time selling balloons not to starve

What an irony was life

We both had balloons in our hand but

Smile on their faces and

Desperation on mine

Strugling every day just to survive another day


One night as I sat watching the twinkling stars

I had a company in a passerby

Do you know what the stars do in the morning

I had asked him ever so hesitantly

He smiled and said to me

When its day they go to the other side of the bay

Where there are ones like me

Waiting to see the twinkling stars by the night


I was surprised to hear this

They didn’t sleep and traveled all the way

To the other side of the bay

To bring a smile on someone’s face!

Who like me had only the stars to look up to

They gave me the inspiration to smile in life

To live a life in a way where someone looks up to me


Watching the twinkling stars

In the night sky

Gave me new hopes to live my life





Let Me Free


From eyes that spy

From people who seek control of me

From traditions that have entwined me

From religion that binds me

From wants and desires

Let me free

From work that fails to captivate me

From emotions that run wild

From love that’s not meant for me

From prejudice and beliefs

From people who judge my actions & not my intentions

Let me free

To discover the me within myself

To be just me

Let me free

Alas, if only I could be let free!!!

13 days of fight – Don’t let it go in vain.

India’s capital just a week back witnessed a Tahir square of its own. Students and youngsters uniting to express their anger/anguish towards the rising cases of crimes against woman and the inability of the state to offer protection and justice to the women section of the society. All this comes at the backdrop of the brutal act of gang rape of the 23 year old ‘Nirbhaya’ as a section of the media calls her today.

As the country today debates for death penalty for the perpetrators of rape, stricter punishments and amendments to law, the 23 year old has breathed her last breath today after battling for her life for 13 days. She fought for her life all along these 13 days surprising the doctors with her resilience and willingness to live.

Even as we talk of zero tolerance and taking steps to make our streets safer for woman, What I would like to ask is, are only the streets where the woman’s are not safe? Girls today are not even safe in the wombs of their mothers. If we think that the act against the 23 year was brutal and must qualify as the rarest of rare case and hence the perpetrators must be hanged to death, what about the perpetrators of the crime where the girl child is killed even before it comes to its full being? What about the torture a woman faces in households for reasons of dowry naming just a few. Aren’t these brutal in any way? Shouldn’t there be a death penalty for these cases too? Well some may argue in the affirmative.

What we need to ask is this the deterrence that will make our streets safer and reduce the crimes against woWaiting for justiceman? I feel that’s an emphatic no from my side atleast. The state and we the people need to dig deeper and address the cause of the problem. Yes punishment is necessary but not the means of end to the crimes against woman in our society today. We need to address the mentality of our society today, the way we objectify woman in our society, the desperation that exists in the society. We need to stop the crimes in the budding stage, rather than being reactive to the crime by putting the perpetrator in the gallows for what he/she did. Its high time we as people who are part of the state become proactive in identifying the core issues and start addressing them in an appropriate way.

The fight of ‘Nirbhaya’ was for life. She wanted to live in spite of the pain and suffering  she underwent. We should be taking a cue from her fight to ensure a better living for not only girls but every individual of the society. True justice to Nirbhaya and to the many who have succumbed to such heinous act of crime will not be delivered with the hanging of the perpetrators. True justice will be delivered when our society changes its outlook towards woman in the society. We need to get cognizant with the true issues underlying these acts and channel our energies towards addressing them. Yes laws need to be stricter but they are not the only means.

It is extremely sad that a death of an innocent girl be a reason for the nation to awake towards a change, better late than never is at least that we can hope for.

May her soul rest in peace!

P.S. – The image is courtesy Preeti Singh. It was titlled “Awaiting Justice’ by her.

Educated but Illiterate – Satyameva Jayate (Take 1)

After a lot of hype and an advertising blitzkreig which had left no stone unturned right from billboards, TV, Radio, Internet and even the print media, the first episode of the much awaited Satyameva Jayate hosted by Aamir Khan went on air today. If you talk merely in terms of number one can gauge the importance that has got attached to this show. Cost of production per episode is Rs. 4cr. On an average, a 30-minute episode of a prime-time Hindi soap costs Rs. 8-9 lakh. A reality show could cost between Rs. 35 lakh and Rs. 2 crore an episode, depending on the stars hosting the show. Rs. 10 lakh for a 10-second spot, Compare that with the Rs. 4 lakh that advertisers pay for the same commercial time during this year’s Indian Premier League. To top it all, Rs. 3cr is the anchor fee per episode has set record in Indian television history. (Numbers courtesy: Mint)

The buzz was on and twitter was right up there with SatyamevaJayate trending to the top. So what did the first show had in store for us? Well I would say nothing new but something worth giving a try. The first episode focused on female foeticide in India, and showed incidents that women in India face over families wanting male child. What was interesting was the fact this horendous act is not only practiced by illitrate people but also the educated people. I use the word educated and not literate because a literate person I suppose will not indulge in such horrific acts.

Inlaws dont want a girl child primary reason being they are view as cost centres with no return. Dowry is still prevalant in India and getting a girl child married is not an easy task. Its sad that we do not till date have a vaccine to eradicate this disease from our system. Or is it that we still dont view this as a disease? Also many families in India look at male child as someone who will continue their vansh (legacy) forward. Doctors who conduct this crime do it to recover their money that they pay as fees and donations to get into medical institutes. They buy  costly ultrasound machines which are promoted to them by the marketers who show them ways to recover the cost and one of them being conducting sex determination test.

We all know of the things that go around us and blame the administration for not taking actions. I dont know if Satyameva Jayate can transform the way people see and do things. But one thing is for sure, which was also the message with which Aamir ended the show and which I believe the most. Every individual must rise and say that he/she will not indulge in such activities. We need to be change that we wish to see in the world. This is what the Mahatma said and holds true in not only this case but with a numerous other issues be it social or not.

Can education solve the problem, can punishment reduce the crime? Can bringing in rules like those in Korea reduce the crime? How can you get rid of deep rooted traditions which are bane rather than blessings? There are lot of questions that need answers. We all need to do our bit at whatever level we can.

I hope that the show is able to set some trend and atleast save some lives and not just fade away like many other social initiatives.