Sunday Musing..

(Musing inspired by Anjali Nair)

12118591_10153666734208454_7367254322991888328_nIn our work and our homes
In every argument and in debates
In every win and in defeats
In every success and in failures
In our faith and in our beliefs

Be it love or for that matter hatred
Be it a fable or a reality
Be it our action or our thoughts
Even before our birth or for that matter after our death

There exists an other side

The side that is often unknown
Hidden from reality or exposed beyond imagination
The side that one complaints but also aspires for
The side that one loathes to rejoice from
The side that rejoices behind tears
The side that one questions for answers
Answers as right or wrong

Be it a person or any situation
The other side is not just a notion
Could this be a reason for our evolution?
For it certainly holds reasons for our destruction

Beware of the other side
And as I conclude my musing of the day,
Stop thinking about my other side 🙂


A little too late

Was meeting her after years, she looked gorgeous than ever before. Watching her smile was giving me goose bumps. She held my hand and said, she wanted me to meet someone special to her. She was overflowing with joy, and amidst this joy, little did she know my feelings for her.

55 on Friday #WriteTribe

Strangers at night

Coming back home from a tired day’s work

I lay on my bed hoping for a sound sleep

Wasn’t long before I felt someone

Approach me uncannily

She started whispering in my ears

My initial resistance went waste

And it wasn’t long before I surrendered

She ensured her pleasure

Leaving her mark on me.

Nights passed, days passed

Her bite still fresh in my mind

My beats started increasing

Shivers ran down my spine and

The mercury kept rising

Medicines took their time

As I realized the importance

Of having a mosquito repellent

Always by my side

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Tears of joy

Tears of sorrow

Tears of pain

There lies a tear for every case


The tear that appears

When we see our beloved

Care for us

The tear that appears

When thy beloved is going away from you

The tear that appears

When thy beloved has separated from you


Don’t judge my state by the tears you see

For tears know only to flow

Sometimes flowing uninhibited

But careful at times

Be it joy or sorrow or pain

Ask my heart what it feels

Alas, only if you could know my heart


Haiku – Rains…

Drops of rain

Dark clouds hanging by the sky

But for life on ground it’s

A ray of new light!


Often waiting

Just for few drops of water

Hoping for rain!


Then falls the first drop

That brings relief to many

And grief to few


Quenching soils thirst

Filling up the ponds and wells

Swamping the houses


Children playing in muddle

Couples in a cuddle

Orphans watch


Strange is life

For its green for some

And arid for few!


This poem is for this weeks prompt at Write tribe

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My best friend says its like reaching a nirvana when it comes to friendship..My another sweet friend seems to be pleasantly surprised…well these are a few examples of the reactions, when I had told them what I had experienced!

I have often been labeled as an emotionless person, cold hearted, one who ‘thinks’ but does not ‘feel’ etc etc.. Sometimes actions is all that you would be judged upon in your life and often people fail to notice the real reason behind those actions. This post is not intended to talk about actions and reactions, but would like to highlight something that goes beyond action and reactions, the thing that people feel deep within themselves not only about themselves but also about the ones you care about, for that someone who has a special place in thy heart.

There are people who can read your face and get a sense of what you are feeling. But in today’s age when most of the conversations happen on the cool chatting tools, you need not worry about who is reading your face, a simple smiley post is good enough to showcase you are happy, when deep within you are could revert to technology to fake your feelings, but there ain’t any technology available that prevents you from spreading your feelings to the outside world at a meta physical level..

There have been few occasions when I have experienced this for 2 of my close friends and both the times my subconscious was right… Here are few lines dedicated for those 2 lovely friend of mine:

You may not meet me

You may not talk with me

You may not write to me

For reasons of your own, you might even ignore me

For you think you can hide it

And you think you can fake it

But that my friend is a mistake


You may say you are happy

You may say you are merry

And insist there is no reason to worry

But I can’t help but sense something is murky

It may not be overt to me

But I must say, things are neither concealed to me


You may have some pain

You may not feel at ease

And time would seem to have seized

But that’s not the end of the road

My dear friend, I must say


I must say, I can sense your pain

I can sense your distress

Don’t feel alone in this phase

Needless to say, we can find some way

As we traverse this phase of darkness together

In search of the light

To celebrate a new and wonderful day

A strange feeling…..

Strange is this moment in life

It wants to live more

When it realizes death is coming by


It wants to drain itself in the rain

To extinguish all its flame

It wants to sail the sea

Even though it feared drowning

It wants to sing a song

Even if it makes people frown

It wants to dance like an insane

Without caring to explain


It wants to do those things

Which it had longed for

It wants to break all rules

Which it abided like a saint

It wants to be inebriated

Even though it was a teetotaler

It wants to laugh,

When it hardly smiled

It wants to make a speech

When silence was what it had preached

It wants to show some courage

Even though coward was its surname


It wants to reach out to that friend

With whom it refused to speak

It wants to lie in those arms

Which once waited with open arms

It wants to hold the hand of that someone special

And say you were the one whom I loved


As it prepares to die,

It wishes to live any one moment

It wants to die its way

When it lived all its life

On someone else’s say