Haiku – Rains…

Drops of rain

Dark clouds hanging by the sky

But for life on ground it’s

A ray of new light!


Often waiting

Just for few drops of water

Hoping for rain!


Then falls the first drop

That brings relief to many

And grief to few


Quenching soils thirst

Filling up the ponds and wells

Swamping the houses


Children playing in muddle

Couples in a cuddle

Orphans watch


Strange is life

For its green for some

And arid for few!


This poem is for this weeks prompt at Write tribe

Write Tribe

As I Sit Besides The Lake


Sitting by the lake

My mind goes back into an old memory lane

Back to the days of fame

When people followed me calling my name

I was praised, I was raised

Little did I know then, that it was just a phase

And that, time would so drastically change

I had lost my fame and people left me without any shame

They had followed my fame and not my name

Today the fame is gone and all that remains is flame

As I sit besides the lake

I hope for it to quench my flame

Sitting by the lake I recall the days

When her presence had embellished my fame

I had confided myself into her

My mornings and nights were incomplete without her

She mesmerized my nights and dazzled my mornings

She was the best thing that had happened to me

Sadly, that was something, which only I had thought

It did not hurt when others left me

I was however broken into pieces when she left me

I wonder,what is it that I did not do for her

As she left tme with pain and only pain

As I sit besides the lake

I hope for it to alleviate my pain