Sunday Musing..

(Musing inspired by Anjali Nair)

12118591_10153666734208454_7367254322991888328_nIn our work and our homes
In every argument and in debates
In every win and in defeats
In every success and in failures
In our faith and in our beliefs

Be it love or for that matter hatred
Be it a fable or a reality
Be it our action or our thoughts
Even before our birth or for that matter after our death

There exists an other side

The side that is often unknown
Hidden from reality or exposed beyond imagination
The side that one complaints but also aspires for
The side that one loathes to rejoice from
The side that rejoices behind tears
The side that one questions for answers
Answers as right or wrong

Be it a person or any situation
The other side is not just a notion
Could this be a reason for our evolution?
For it certainly holds reasons for our destruction

Beware of the other side
And as I conclude my musing of the day,
Stop thinking about my other side 🙂


Born with a spark….

Born with a spark

Blinded by a fog

Grew like a weed

Unwilling to heed

For love was in its seed


Strange are feelings in life

Playing the game of hide & seek

Hiding itself from someone

While seeking from the other

Unsure of which way to go


If only some path could glow


Strange are feelings in life

Rising like a tide, with a lot of pride

It wants to say what others refuse to hear

And wants to hear what others refuse to say

With no shore in sight

and exhausted by the strife

It finally decides to die

Not before etching its story

On the wall of lives……

There was a face…

As I watch the sea of faces around me

I see a face that looked completely blank

Like a painting devoid of colors.


She had beautiful eyes, however there was a gloom in them

Akin to the dark clouds about to burst

Her face made me wonder

What could have been the fate for her present state.


I couldn’t resist but ask her,

Beautiful thy are, albiet the life seems missing

The day would look brighter if only thy could smile lady.


She looked up to me with a wry smile

And with a sulking tone said,

Thank you oh merchant of hope

I am afraid though you will be disappointed

My fate has taken away my faith

How am I to buy the hope you offer


Holding her slender hand I said,

Don’t thy think your fate has robbed you of your faith

For this belief is far dangerous

Over the disbelief you have over your present state.


Tears rolled down her face

Like a cloud bursting into rain

Still holding on to her hand I prayed,


May these tear wash away her past

And akin to the rains, create new pastures

For her to graze in the new seasons that lie ahead…


A feeling of love….

Like a flower emerging from its bud

A new feeling is budding within me

A feeling of joy, a feeling of love

A feeling so sweet, a feeling which is special


Mornings seem to be brighter than ever

Nights twinkling like never before

Sparkling fireflies seem to electrify the night

Just like this feeling, electrifying my heart


There is a sweet song playing in my ear

And my heart beating to its rhythm

Bringing in front of me a face

That has in all means left me in daze


The air seems to be fresh with a fragrance

Like a soul in search of its body

I am being pulled by this fragrance

Even as I wonder if this is a fable


Lost in the ocean of my thoughts

Even as I wonder is it a dream or is it real

She comes through like a wave

Entwining her fingers into mine

And whispering into my ear

The magic words that I so longed to hear…


Seasons have changed, years have gone by

But there are moments that live on

And there are memories that linger on

I decided to visit this place

Where my memories of today were born

And where my moments of yesterday were buried


The air seems to have a fragrance

Wrapping me up with someone’s absence

The wind seems to have a purpose

Bringing back memories of my empress

And the woods seem to whisper

The untold story of our togetherness


As I bend down on my knees

And wipe away the blanket of leaves

I see her name engraved on the stone

As I run my fingers through each letter

I started reliving every little memory

Thinking it was all happening in that moment

Till the point I reached the last 3 words

Which spelt… Rest In Peace….

I knew it was my last day there…

Waking up to the first rays of the sun

I walk up to the window to see a new day emerge

A day which was gonna be different than any other

There was a chill in the air and heaviness in heart

Was it the mist in the air or moistness in my eyes

I just failed to comprehend

As I kept wondering, the reason for my state

She hugged me tight, head on my chest

Listening to my heavy heart

And as I raised her head, watching her deep blue eyes

I knew it was my last day there…

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Perched on the tree…

perched on the tree

Perched on the tree

I often saw this lovely bird

Humming along a chime

Even as the day was beginning to blur

She continued her chore

With everyday being a different score


The flock were scurrying to their nests

So were the personals on the ground

Thinking about tomorrow

Rushing away like a wind

Pushing aside the passerby’s

Lively they seemed albeit without life


As I returned every day

From my duties at work

Standing by the portico

I took some time to hear the chime

From this bird perched on the tree


Unlike the many on the ground

Seeking attention to their acts

She continued to sing solo

With barely anyone heeding her deed


I often wondered

What is it that she sang

And for whom was it being sung

Was it a song of love

Or was it a song of pain

Was it a song of victory

Or was it a song of loss

Such was the tone

That I failed to give it a cause


Closing my eyes

Listening to the chime

I was lost in a world

With people whom I relished

With the moments that I cherished

But as I was beginning to live

A life of my dreams

Fading into shadow

Were the pictures in front of me


Notwithstanding the darkness on the anvil

The song seemed to perish

As I opened my eyes

Fluttering of the leaves was all I could see

She was gone,

But she left back some sweet memories

That would linger by the night…..