I knew it was my last day there…

Waking up to the first rays of the sun

I walk up to the window to see a new day emerge

A day which was gonna be different than any other

There was a chill in the air and heaviness in heart

Was it the mist in the air or moistness in my eyes

I just failed to comprehend

As I kept wondering, the reason for my state

She hugged me tight, head on my chest

Listening to my heavy heart

And as I raised her head, watching her deep blue eyes

I knew it was my last day there…

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Perched on the tree…

perched on the tree

Perched on the tree

I often saw this lovely bird

Humming along a chime

Even as the day was beginning to blur

She continued her chore

With everyday being a different score


The flock were scurrying to their nests

So were the personals on the ground

Thinking about tomorrow

Rushing away like a wind

Pushing aside the passerby’s

Lively they seemed albeit without life


As I returned every day

From my duties at work

Standing by the portico

I took some time to hear the chime

From this bird perched on the tree


Unlike the many on the ground

Seeking attention to their acts

She continued to sing solo

With barely anyone heeding her deed


I often wondered

What is it that she sang

And for whom was it being sung

Was it a song of love

Or was it a song of pain

Was it a song of victory

Or was it a song of loss

Such was the tone

That I failed to give it a cause


Closing my eyes

Listening to the chime

I was lost in a world

With people whom I relished

With the moments that I cherished

But as I was beginning to live

A life of my dreams

Fading into shadow

Were the pictures in front of me


Notwithstanding the darkness on the anvil

The song seemed to perish

As I opened my eyes

Fluttering of the leaves was all I could see

She was gone,

But she left back some sweet memories

That would linger by the night…..


Eyes yearning for that one sight

Ears hankering for that sweet whisper

Fingers lingering to entwine

Skin longing for warmth

As I stand by the porch

Watching the twinkling night sky

Wishing for the twinkle in my dark life


Swamped by a feeling,

A feeling of being alone in a crowd

A feeling of being lost in the woods

Surrounded by regret and submerged by guilt

I go about my daily chores

Like a body without soul

Helpless & hapless


Days have gone by and seasons have changed

My wait, however still remains the same

Words waiting to be said, emotions waiting to unfold

Even as you continue to remain aloof

And every passing moment is pushing a nail

In the coffin of my hope

A hope, that there will be a day

When I could die without regret!

Riding on my thoughts…

Riding on my thoughts

And ferried by my beliefs

I have reached a destination

Where I find hard to breathe

A place insulated by pride

A place inundated by egos

With desires enslaved

Freedom here has no place


If it were a ocean I would have preferred to drown

If it were a mountain I would have plunged to death

But this is a place representing neither

For its a place created by me

Which had an entry but no exit


During all this while

I thought I was building a castle

A monument of my beliefs

Alas, it has ended up being a prison

A symbol of tyranny


But every action is an experience

And every experience can spring a new thought

It is this belief that drives me on

To one day witness

The castle of my dreams….

The Shadow of Your Smile

Embarked on a journey

I wandered in the deserts

In search of my love

That kept eluding me

Like a mirage of an oasis


From the narrow lanes

To the vast sun risers

I traversed them all

In search of my love

That had gone missing somewhere


From gardens to orchards

I traveled them all

In search of that scent

In search of that beautiful flower

Which was mine


But destiny as it seems

Is playing its cruel game with me

But I continue to hope

Once in my life

Of finding, If not you,

The shadow of your smile….

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Tears of joy

Tears of sorrow

Tears of pain

There lies a tear for every case


The tear that appears

When we see our beloved

Care for us

The tear that appears

When thy beloved is going away from you

The tear that appears

When thy beloved has separated from you


Don’t judge my state by the tears you see

For tears know only to flow

Sometimes flowing uninhibited

But careful at times

Be it joy or sorrow or pain

Ask my heart what it feels

Alas, only if you could know my heart


Haiku – Rains…

Drops of rain

Dark clouds hanging by the sky

But for life on ground it’s

A ray of new light!


Often waiting

Just for few drops of water

Hoping for rain!


Then falls the first drop

That brings relief to many

And grief to few


Quenching soils thirst

Filling up the ponds and wells

Swamping the houses


Children playing in muddle

Couples in a cuddle

Orphans watch


Strange is life

For its green for some

And arid for few!


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