Eyes yearning for that one sight

Ears hankering for that sweet whisper

Fingers lingering to entwine

Skin longing for warmth

As I stand by the porch

Watching the twinkling night sky

Wishing for the twinkle in my dark life


Swamped by a feeling,

A feeling of being alone in a crowd

A feeling of being lost in the woods

Surrounded by regret and submerged by guilt

I go about my daily chores

Like a body without soul

Helpless & hapless


Days have gone by and seasons have changed

My wait, however still remains the same

Words waiting to be said, emotions waiting to unfold

Even as you continue to remain aloof

And every passing moment is pushing a nail

In the coffin of my hope

A hope, that there will be a day

When I could die without regret!


I have a feeling…..

I have a feeling

A feeling so special

It keeps me awake by the night and busy by the day

I find myself complaining yet it’s so amazing

I have a feeling…simply amazing..

I met her few months back

And since

Emotions have been building up in a stack

She’s been in mind day and night

Longing to meet her every time

My heart keeps singing a lovely chime

I have a feeling..simply amazing..

I wait with thousand eyes to get a glimpse of her

As she passes by my house like a bird with lovely fur

Part of her routine chore

And I simply stand and adore

My eyes just follow her for a while,

But my mind, seems to follow her forever

I have a feeling..simply amazing…

Watching her by the park

Seeing her smile

It takes me a while

To come back to life

She looks so genteel

I sometimes get a feeling she’s unreal

Yet I continued with a zeal

I have a feeling…simply amazing…

Unable to turn the page

I feel like a bird in a cage

How should I let her know my case

Will my feeling get washed in the rain

Or will my feelings be in twain

I have a feeling…simply amazing..

I fear missing this feeling

It has ignited a fire within me

That fuels the desire within me

A desire to be with just her

Or to burn out only for her

I have a feeling…simply amazing…