Born with a spark….

Born with a spark

Blinded by a fog

Grew like a weed

Unwilling to heed

For love was in its seed


Strange are feelings in life

Playing the game of hide & seek

Hiding itself from someone

While seeking from the other

Unsure of which way to go


If only some path could glow


Strange are feelings in life

Rising like a tide, with a lot of pride

It wants to say what others refuse to hear

And wants to hear what others refuse to say

With no shore in sight

and exhausted by the strife

It finally decides to die

Not before etching its story

On the wall of lives……


A feeling of love….

Like a flower emerging from its bud

A new feeling is budding within me

A feeling of joy, a feeling of love

A feeling so sweet, a feeling which is special


Mornings seem to be brighter than ever

Nights twinkling like never before

Sparkling fireflies seem to electrify the night

Just like this feeling, electrifying my heart


There is a sweet song playing in my ear

And my heart beating to its rhythm

Bringing in front of me a face

That has in all means left me in daze


The air seems to be fresh with a fragrance

Like a soul in search of its body

I am being pulled by this fragrance

Even as I wonder if this is a fable


Lost in the ocean of my thoughts

Even as I wonder is it a dream or is it real

She comes through like a wave

Entwining her fingers into mine

And whispering into my ear

The magic words that I so longed to hear…

There was a woman….

There was a woman

By the street

Who was beautiful to say the least

Eyes waiting to catch her sight

And ears longing to hear her tale


She was a damsel

Who belonged to be in the castle

Was eligible to be with a prince

Often wondered how she ended up in the street


She was like a lotus in the swamps

Looked upon by one and all

Each willing to get dirty

Just to be the lucky one

To hold her with their hand


There were many who proposed her

But there were also those like me

Who felt shy to approach her

There were so many reasons to love her

Yet every other woman had a reason to envy her


One fine morning I decided to approach her

I wanted to look her in her eyes

Tides of expectation were rising within me

Fear of drowning in her oceanic blue eyes

Lingered within me

As I searched for ways to anchor my courage

And express the feeling that I was harboring within me


I knocked on her door

Moments passed by without any noise

It was not long before I realized

She had left

Just the previous night


My feelings once again buried within my heart

I wonder how long it shall carry the weight

For I wish, there comes a day

When I get freed from this terrible state


There was a woman

Was she for real..or was she a mere dream

Often I pondered as I looked down the street….

I miss you….

Beautiful indeed were those days

A carefree and fun filled phase

All by ourselves

With nothing else to bother

We played all day

And the world seemed faraway


Day nor night

Blazing sun nor pouring rain

Ever acted as a deterrent

As we ventured out everyday

Hand in hand we roamed the streets

Playing mischief with conceit


Cruel can be fate sometimes

Leaving you alone with no one by your side

From a moment of togetherness to aloofness

It all happened so quick


One morning

I was getting ready for our routine outing

I go and knock on her doors

Waiting for her to open

So that we could rush out with fervor

That morning was however different

There was an uncharacteristic gloom in the sky

With dark clouds engulfing the bright sunshine


The door opened

It was her mother

Your friend is in the hospital, she said

My legs started trembling

My stomach was cramping

What had transcribed by the night

I had no clue but I could sense

Something bad was about to come


I prayed for her return

I prayed for my sense to be wrong

For I could not sense a world without her

She returned back home, albeit dead

She was plagued is what the doctor had said

She was cursed is what the people said

I cannot describe the feeling I had then

Helplessness was engulfing me into death

Life for me was becoming a living hell


She was special for me

Was she only a friend to me?

Or was she something more?

It was hard for me to tell then

But as I look back at it today

I feel we shared a feeling

That got a new flame with her death


Time has an interesting way

Even as it flies by

It keeps the memories lingering behind

She was dead for the world but not for me

For she speaks to me every night

In my dream as I close my eyes


I miss you my dear friend

You were my soul mate

You would live forever

In my thoughts and in my heart

Till my last breath, till my last beat