A little too late

Was meeting her after years, she looked gorgeous than ever before. Watching her smile was giving me goose bumps. She held my hand and said, she wanted me to meet someone special to her. She was overflowing with joy, and amidst this joy, little did she know my feelings for her.

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My best friend says its like reaching a nirvana when it comes to friendship..My another sweet friend seems to be pleasantly surprised…well these are a few examples of the reactions, when I had told them what I had experienced!

I have often been labeled as an emotionless person, cold hearted, one who ‘thinks’ but does not ‘feel’ etc etc.. Sometimes actions is all that you would be judged upon in your life and often people fail to notice the real reason behind those actions. This post is not intended to talk about actions and reactions, but would like to highlight something that goes beyond action and reactions, the thing that people feel deep within themselves not only about themselves but also about the ones you care about, for that someone who has a special place in thy heart.

There are people who can read your face and get a sense of what you are feeling. But in today’s age when most of the conversations happen on the cool chatting tools, you need not worry about who is reading your face, a simple smiley post is good enough to showcase you are happy, when deep within you are not..you could revert to technology to fake your feelings, but there ain’t any technology available that prevents you from spreading your feelings to the outside world at a meta physical level..

There have been few occasions when I have experienced this for 2 of my close friends and both the times my subconscious was right… Here are few lines dedicated for those 2 lovely friend of mine:

You may not meet me

You may not talk with me

You may not write to me

For reasons of your own, you might even ignore me

For you think you can hide it

And you think you can fake it

But that my friend is a mistake


You may say you are happy

You may say you are merry

And insist there is no reason to worry

But I can’t help but sense something is murky

It may not be overt to me

But I must say, things are neither concealed to me


You may have some pain

You may not feel at ease

And time would seem to have seized

But that’s not the end of the road

My dear friend, I must say


I must say, I can sense your pain

I can sense your distress

Don’t feel alone in this phase

Needless to say, we can find some way

As we traverse this phase of darkness together

In search of the light

To celebrate a new and wonderful day

We await to live your tale……

Tonight our friend
You take a flight
A flight to a new place
With an all new case

You may be nervous
You may be anxious
But we all know that is simply you 🙂
This is a moment of joy
In which we all take pride,
As you get ready for your new flight

New people await you
New moments bide for you
Capture those in your stride
And make sure you cherish them
For the remainder of your life

You may feel you are by your own
With so many new faces all around you
We may not be there in person
But we guarantee our thoughts & wishes
Would always be with you
When you feel lonely, here is what we tell you
Close your eyes for a moment
And there we are
Ever so near to you

Strange is happiness,
For sometimes it leaves the air moist
Your absence will surely leave a void
But we know time will fly
And you will be back
With a new feather on your back

Till that time
We bid you good bye
Enjoy your flight
And return back merry with an even broader smile
As we await, to listen & live your tale!

This is a poem dedicated to a friend who prepares herself for a new assignment and will be away for some time, even as the friends take pride in her new assignment, they eagerly await for her to be back and live a tale from her new flight.

I miss you….

Beautiful indeed were those days

A carefree and fun filled phase

All by ourselves

With nothing else to bother

We played all day

And the world seemed faraway


Day nor night

Blazing sun nor pouring rain

Ever acted as a deterrent

As we ventured out everyday

Hand in hand we roamed the streets

Playing mischief with conceit


Cruel can be fate sometimes

Leaving you alone with no one by your side

From a moment of togetherness to aloofness

It all happened so quick


One morning

I was getting ready for our routine outing

I go and knock on her doors

Waiting for her to open

So that we could rush out with fervor

That morning was however different

There was an uncharacteristic gloom in the sky

With dark clouds engulfing the bright sunshine


The door opened

It was her mother

Your friend is in the hospital, she said

My legs started trembling

My stomach was cramping

What had transcribed by the night

I had no clue but I could sense

Something bad was about to come


I prayed for her return

I prayed for my sense to be wrong

For I could not sense a world without her

She returned back home, albeit dead

She was plagued is what the doctor had said

She was cursed is what the people said

I cannot describe the feeling I had then

Helplessness was engulfing me into death

Life for me was becoming a living hell


She was special for me

Was she only a friend to me?

Or was she something more?

It was hard for me to tell then

But as I look back at it today

I feel we shared a feeling

That got a new flame with her death


Time has an interesting way

Even as it flies by

It keeps the memories lingering behind

She was dead for the world but not for me

For she speaks to me every night

In my dream as I close my eyes


I miss you my dear friend

You were my soul mate

You would live forever

In my thoughts and in my heart

Till my last breath, till my last beat


I wish…

It has been years now as I return to the place that I once called home

From where I had made a run without letting anyone know

I never wanted to come back to this place, but strange is destiny

It brings me back to the place which is part of my legacy

The reception that I get is not something that I had expected

As I had left most of them dejected

There were many who had gathered to see me

With emotions of varying degrees

First to greet me were my friends

They were part of my life at every bend

Until I had decided to fend on my own

Disregarding all their suggestions & recommendations

I had stated it was over and walked away brazenly

As much as it is heartening to see them now

My heart is filled with guilt for leaving them then

Standing far by the corner

I see her, away from the crowd

Her otherwise beautiful eyes are filled with tears

Tears that I had left her with when I had walked away

I had betrayed her love then

But her love for me is the reason why she is here today

As I enter my house I see all my family

There is no smile on anybody’s face

Strange is our reunion

Filled with sorrow instead of joy

I was and am the reason for their pain

For I had left them one fine day without caring for their fate

I see my mother sitting by the couch

Surrounded by my sister and cousins

The room is filled with grief

My coming back has no relief

I lye by the door helpless and dejected

There is nothing that I can do now

As time has turned its table on me

The place is decorated

There are beautiful flowers

And there is fragrance spread by the incense stick

But little can they do to wipe the sorrow from the air

As my father gets ready to bid me goodbye

Lying on the pyre

Waiting for the final rites

I wish I had a chance to make things right

Very often in our lives we become so selfish and indifferent to the feelings of others that we tend to think ‘my way is the right way’ and disregard every other thing. We get angry with our near and dear ones and often wait for them to make the first move as our ego stands before us making us not to move. This poem tries to capture that essence. Let’s not wait for death to set things right, if you have someone with whom you are estranged, take a moment and give him or her a buzz!