Strangers at night

Coming back home from a tired day’s work

I lay on my bed hoping for a sound sleep

Wasn’t long before I felt someone

Approach me uncannily

She started whispering in my ears

My initial resistance went waste

And it wasn’t long before I surrendered

She ensured her pleasure

Leaving her mark on me.

Nights passed, days passed

Her bite still fresh in my mind

My beats started increasing

Shivers ran down my spine and

The mercury kept rising

Medicines took their time

As I realized the importance

Of having a mosquito repellent

Always by my side

Write Tribe

As the night falls…

As the night falls

I fall in someone’s arm

For me every night is the same

Even if it is a different face

Some are novice while some are experts

But they all come to me with the same purpose

And I became subject to their desperation


One cold winter night, as I was waiting ready to hook

I could see from far a look

The mist was engulfing the night

But I still vividly remember that sight

He stood very tall and looked physically strong

He looked straight at me but never approached me

He watched me as I walked, holding the hand of my bait

I wondered what he thought

But he certainly remained in my thought


Even as I was getting laid, I could see only his face

He had cast a spell on me

But to imagine someone loving me could only be a dream

Lust and not love was the reason people came to me

As the night passed, I had parked my thoughts

For all means, he could also be the one like many

Lust in his mind, albeit shy to approach me


Nights went by, but he was a common sight

Was he a spy or just a passerby

Lot of thoughts were crossing my mind

And one fine night, with his big shoulders leaning from side to side

In his slow gait he began to cross the busy street

Only to raise my heart beat

Could he be like those many

Who just wanted to sleep with me

Or could be the one who actually felt for me


It was not long before he was in front of me

Holding my hand he said to me

The magical words I ever so lasted to hear

I thought it was still a dream and hard to believe

His long fingers tightened their grip as he told, come with me

I can sleep with you but don’t ask me to love you

I am not pure

I am sinned and cannot shed my skin

You shall regret this proposal

When you come to know my deeds are kozel


He drew me closer

I was against his chest as he whispered in my ear

I love you, not your skin, hold my hand and walk with me

For there awaits a world for only you and me

One which you have envisioned in your dream!