Seasons have changed, years have gone by

But there are moments that live on

And there are memories that linger on

I decided to visit this place

Where my memories of today were born

And where my moments of yesterday were buried


The air seems to have a fragrance

Wrapping me up with someone’s absence

The wind seems to have a purpose

Bringing back memories of my empress

And the woods seem to whisper

The untold story of our togetherness


As I bend down on my knees

And wipe away the blanket of leaves

I see her name engraved on the stone

As I run my fingers through each letter

I started reliving every little memory

Thinking it was all happening in that moment

Till the point I reached the last 3 words

Which spelt… Rest In Peace….


Perched on the tree…

perched on the tree

Perched on the tree

I often saw this lovely bird

Humming along a chime

Even as the day was beginning to blur

She continued her chore

With everyday being a different score


The flock were scurrying to their nests

So were the personals on the ground

Thinking about tomorrow

Rushing away like a wind

Pushing aside the passerby’s

Lively they seemed albeit without life


As I returned every day

From my duties at work

Standing by the portico

I took some time to hear the chime

From this bird perched on the tree


Unlike the many on the ground

Seeking attention to their acts

She continued to sing solo

With barely anyone heeding her deed


I often wondered

What is it that she sang

And for whom was it being sung

Was it a song of love

Or was it a song of pain

Was it a song of victory

Or was it a song of loss

Such was the tone

That I failed to give it a cause


Closing my eyes

Listening to the chime

I was lost in a world

With people whom I relished

With the moments that I cherished

But as I was beginning to live

A life of my dreams

Fading into shadow

Were the pictures in front of me


Notwithstanding the darkness on the anvil

The song seemed to perish

As I opened my eyes

Fluttering of the leaves was all I could see

She was gone,

But she left back some sweet memories

That would linger by the night…..

As I look back into my life…

As I look back into my life

There are memories thick & fine

Memories that bring me smile

And memories that make me wry

As I look back into my life

There are things I wish I had done

I wish I had wings

But then I think what would have been the use

When I spent most my time prisoned

Prisoned by my thoughts more than my acts

As I look back into my life

There were words I wish I had said

There were emotions I wish I had acknowledged

There were moments I wish had lasted

But they say good things don’t last

But their memories do

As I look back into my life

I sit and contemplate my past

I wish someone had cast a spell

And it would have been all nice

The pain would have been less

Got to live with this nevertheless

As I sit weathered

With not much life left in me

I try sailing through a thousand memories

But my ship is sinking

And with it all my memories