Riding on my thoughts…

Riding on my thoughts

And ferried by my beliefs

I have reached a destination

Where I find hard to breathe

A place insulated by pride

A place inundated by egos

With desires enslaved

Freedom here has no place


If it were a ocean I would have preferred to drown

If it were a mountain I would have plunged to death

But this is a place representing neither

For its a place created by me

Which had an entry but no exit


During all this while

I thought I was building a castle

A monument of my beliefs

Alas, it has ended up being a prison

A symbol of tyranny


But every action is an experience

And every experience can spring a new thought

It is this belief that drives me on

To one day witness

The castle of my dreams….


As I look back into my life…

As I look back into my life

There are memories thick & fine

Memories that bring me smile

And memories that make me wry

As I look back into my life

There are things I wish I had done

I wish I had wings

But then I think what would have been the use

When I spent most my time prisoned

Prisoned by my thoughts more than my acts

As I look back into my life

There were words I wish I had said

There were emotions I wish I had acknowledged

There were moments I wish had lasted

But they say good things don’t last

But their memories do

As I look back into my life

I sit and contemplate my past

I wish someone had cast a spell

And it would have been all nice

The pain would have been less

Got to live with this nevertheless

As I sit weathered

With not much life left in me

I try sailing through a thousand memories

But my ship is sinking

And with it all my memories