A feeling of love….

Like a flower emerging from its bud

A new feeling is budding within me

A feeling of joy, a feeling of love

A feeling so sweet, a feeling which is special


Mornings seem to be brighter than ever

Nights twinkling like never before

Sparkling fireflies seem to electrify the night

Just like this feeling, electrifying my heart


There is a sweet song playing in my ear

And my heart beating to its rhythm

Bringing in front of me a face

That has in all means left me in daze


The air seems to be fresh with a fragrance

Like a soul in search of its body

I am being pulled by this fragrance

Even as I wonder if this is a fable


Lost in the ocean of my thoughts

Even as I wonder is it a dream or is it real

She comes through like a wave

Entwining her fingers into mine

And whispering into my ear

The magic words that I so longed to hear…


Promises, Politics & Marketing

Its that time of the year when a lot of promises and sops are floating in the air to lure people. Yes 14th Feb, Valentines day is around, but this post is going to look into some of the non romantic promises, promises which are more to do with the day to day life of people.

With elections under way in 4 states for assembly & corporation politicians are out there making a lot of promises luring voters. Each candidate promising in his/her way to alleviate all our problems for the coming 5 yr period.

Promises are not only given but also sought in different ways. Considering the Indian scenario of a multiparty setup, voters are not open enough to show their allegiance to a particular party. So how does a candidate get the promise of the voter to vote for him/her?

Herein enters marketing. Marketing to politicians is not new concept. Over the period of time politicians have become adept at marketing their services. The interesting point to more here is that one does not need be an ivy league college passout with an MBA or for that matter he need not even be a graduate to develop on some of the strategies they put in place to get their voters buyin to their promises.

Ground events are organized to convey their messages. Prospective voters are given strong incentives to vote. Cash distribution equivalent to cash discounts, free trips to religious places equivalent to giving free demos or for that matter free test drives, organizing events where expenses of certain key prospects and decision makers are sponsored or for that matter sponsoring key decision makers to important conferences. The list can go on.

A marketing competition between rival firms often benefits the consumers. In the midst of all offerings made by various political parties, voters (a certain sect) are enjoying the sops for the time being and also in certain cases doing it willfully knowing that once the politician comes to power he’s gonna recover all that he has spent appropriately. Although one can say without doubt the politician who wins has the last laugh with the voter left high and dry for the remaining 5 yr period.