Seasons have changed, years have gone by

But there are moments that live on

And there are memories that linger on

I decided to visit this place

Where my memories of today were born

And where my moments of yesterday were buried


The air seems to have a fragrance

Wrapping me up with someone’s absence

The wind seems to have a purpose

Bringing back memories of my empress

And the woods seem to whisper

The untold story of our togetherness


As I bend down on my knees

And wipe away the blanket of leaves

I see her name engraved on the stone

As I run my fingers through each letter

I started reliving every little memory

Thinking it was all happening in that moment

Till the point I reached the last 3 words

Which spelt… Rest In Peace….



Every morning when I rise

Watching the blazing sun rise

With a mug of coffee in my hand

Watching the chirping birds in the woods

Listening to the swaying leaves

That seem to be moving with the rhythm of the wind

I take some time to follow my thoughts


As I sip into my coffee

And watch the people into their chores

Some rushing, Some easing, and some indifferent

Similar are the thoughts in my mind

Moving around into different directions

Bringing back memories some good and some ugly


Sitting back on my couch

As I was about to finish my last sip

Few thoughts wriggle out of my mind


A thought that wants to deplore

Deplore the actions from my past

Censure the decisions from my past

Bury the guilt within my heart

Rebuild the relations that I broke

Reopen the chest of emotions

That I long back had closed


A thought that wants to explore

Explore things that I once ignored

A thought of getting lost in the woods

A thought of flying out from the cage

A thought that wants to explore

The me unknown to me……