We await to live your tale……

Tonight our friend
You take a flight
A flight to a new place
With an all new case

You may be nervous
You may be anxious
But we all know that is simply you 🙂
This is a moment of joy
In which we all take pride,
As you get ready for your new flight

New people await you
New moments bide for you
Capture those in your stride
And make sure you cherish them
For the remainder of your life

You may feel you are by your own
With so many new faces all around you
We may not be there in person
But we guarantee our thoughts & wishes
Would always be with you
When you feel lonely, here is what we tell you
Close your eyes for a moment
And there we are
Ever so near to you

Strange is happiness,
For sometimes it leaves the air moist
Your absence will surely leave a void
But we know time will fly
And you will be back
With a new feather on your back

Till that time
We bid you good bye
Enjoy your flight
And return back merry with an even broader smile
As we await, to listen & live your tale!

This is a poem dedicated to a friend who prepares herself for a new assignment and will be away for some time, even as the friends take pride in her new assignment, they eagerly await for her to be back and live a tale from her new flight.


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